The Heights Old Scholars Racing or THOS Racing, is a South Australian team that will be competing in the Australian International Pedal Prix from 2010 onwards. This team, formerly known as GT Racing, has 9 riders aswell as a trained and dedicated pit team of 4 members. Under our old name we competed in one race and didnt really see much success. Our plan is to return to the sport in 2010 with a fit, experienced and competitive team. E-mail: Thank You, Team Manager James Langcake

Friday, November 6, 2009

3rd Installment...

Slowly but surely the vehicle is coming together with some new components being installed every Thursday night. The next post will be up on Friday 13th Novemeber.... more detail and photos then of what has been added to our vehicle then.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Riders are happy.... But...

With the chassis placed in the fairing we were able to get an idea of what the view will be like. Also were able to place our riders in so that we can get their feedback and adjust the position of the chassis if we need to before securing it to the fairing.

We have ordered our new front wheels, axles and front brakes which will be fitted later on. To help us add our new components to our vehicle, Tim Corbett from the Deakin University team will be coming down from Victoria to help us throught the process. Also Tim will be taking on the task of shortening the lenght of our vehicle boom. We believe that at the moment; with cranks and pedals attached, a riders feet will kick the front windshield out.

Hmm.. a problem that will have to be sorted out soon i guess. The progress of this rebuild is great so far and i hope to have the chassis on the road and being used for training in roughly two months time.

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen.

Thank you,

THOS Racing

Sunday, September 13, 2009

THOS Racing's new vehicle

The old Phantom GT is being given a new home.

THOS Racing's vehicle was taken out of a old and tattered fairing which has done its job for close to 4 years now. The former Deakin University vehicle needed a new look for its return to the Australian International Pedal Prix in 2010.

Getting the vehicle out of its old fairing was a task in itself.. and with the help of an Angle-Grinder it came out great. The old fairing was quickly claimed by Geoff of SlipStream Racing and that helped us alot as it would have got in the way, so thank you Geoff for quickly collecting it.

The teams attention has now turned to our new fairing build by Bendigo Youth Racing inc. They have done an extremely great job of producing a Fibre-glass fairing for our team. Thanks go to Bendigo Youth Racing inc for agreeing to build us a fairing at a comfortable price.

We were very relieved to find that the our vehicle fits snug in our new fairing. At the moment the chassis is inside our new fairing as we are marking up where things will sit and where we will either bolt OR bond the two together.

We will keep this site updated every week until our vehicle is finished. This team has a YouTube channel that we will be using to post up our video race reports. The links to these will be posted up after each race.

Feel free to add us as a link on your own website!
Thank you,
THOS Racing